Every once in a while, you come across something that excites you to your core. We are a group of creatives living in Brooklyn, brought together by radical technology, community, and a desire to elevate life as we know it. Our backgrounds include science & engineering, design, and consulting. When it comes to improvements, some things should be taken seriously, such as personal development. But the little things in life, like having a drink, are better enjoyed in the moment. In our quest to solve some of the world’s largest problems, like what to do with our lives, we found a way to make all wines, from cheap to expensive, more enjoyable.

Vincent and Justine, a brother and sister duo, come from a lineage of inventors. Their father is an accomplished scientist that exposed them to the world of science and creative possibilities. Over a family dinner and discussion on how unenjoyable the wine was, an idea was planted. Wine prices vary, usually proportional to drinkability but not always, and we often end up buying what we can afford – which may or may not end up being enjoyable. But what if it was possible to make every glass of wine enjoyable, regardless of price? After thorough research, experimentation, and numerous prototypes, they finally found an answer in the Wine Maturing Badge. Once they started telling people about the Badge, close friends got on-board to form the team that's successfully brought the Badge to life.

Started as a side-project in our spare time, Elevie is now a way of life. Starting with the Wine Maturing Badge, we are dedicated to developing new offerings that focus on function as well as design, working piece by piece to better integrate technology into unique products that elevate life and enjoyment. We don’t consider ourselves a group of renegades out to disrupt the wine industry, merely people who enjoy wine and want to see this enjoyment affordable to all.

Contact us: hello@elevie.com