How do I use the Badge?

Peel the Badge from the protective sleeve. Stick it the exterior surface of the glass where it can encompass the most wine. Pour wine, wait at least five minutes, then enjoy.

What is the Badge doing to the wine?

Electromagnetic energy such as infrared, visible light, and microwave exist all around us. The Badge is doing two things, 1) reflecting electromagnetic energy into the wine 2) as infrared. In essence, there is a lot of infrared shooting into the wine. Think microwave oven, but in this case, infrared oven.

How does the Badge do that?

While the Badge doesn’t look like much, it’s actually made of extremely expensive and technologically advanced materials. And it’s doing two things, converting a smorgasbord of electromagnetic energy (e.g. infrared, visible light, and microwave) and reflected them as infrared energy by altering their wavelengths (or frequencies) into an infrared wavelength.

What does infrared have to do with maturing wine?

The process of maturing wine is essentially waiting for wine to undergo chemical reactions over long periods of time where acid, alcohol, sugar, and phenols interact with each other. Infrared stimulates the wine and speeds up the chemical reaction. Condensing what would normally take years, into minutes.

In what ways will the wine taste more enjoyable?

As we like to describe it: smooth. In general, bold reds tend to become less acidic and less tannic, light reds become more flavorful, and dry whites become less acidic.

How many times can I use the Badge?

At least a hundred times before the stickiness of the silicone wears off – but the wine maturing properties of the Badge never wear out!

How does the Badge compare to decanters and aerators?

Decanters and aerators reduce sulfites, sulfides, and ethanol by exposing the wine to air. Not only can the Badge accomplish everything a decanter / aerator can in a shorter amount of time, the Badge can stimulate the wine to undergo esterification—a form of chemical reaction where acids and alcohol combines to form esters that gives wine it’s fruity odor.

Can I use the Badge on an entire bottle?

You can, but we don’t recommend it, as it will take a lot longer for the wine to mature. Please be patient with us as we are working on another product that will address this question.

Will the Badge only stick to wine glasses?

The Badge will stick to pretty much any cup (glass, plastic, ceramic, metal) as long as there's a smooth surface. We know you're thinking Solo cups.

What is the size of the Badge?

3.13" wide, 1.88" long, and 0.20" thick. The protective plastic card is the exact size of a credit card.