What does Elevie mean?

Elevating life.

When should I use the Badge?

The rule of thumb should be: If you like it, drink it. But if you don't like it, elevate it. Structured and tight wines benefit significantly from the Badge. If the red wine smells like sulfite, is too acidic or too dry, use the Badge. If the white wine is too tart, use the Badge.

What wines does the Badge work on?

From a taste improvement standpoint, we recommend bold reds, dry whites, and rosés. But in general, the Badge works on all non-carbonated wines. From Robert Mondavi's to Yellowtail and Barefoot, this Badge does not discriminate. There are also rumors of Two Buck Chuck being drinkable. Finally.

All it needs is 5 minutes?

Yes. You will see, smell, and taste significant difference after 5 minutes. The longer you leave it on, the more chemical reactions take place.

What's the best way to taste test?

The best way is a side-by-side comparison. Pour two glasses of wine. Apply the Badge on one glass. Wait five minutes. Then try the glass with the Badge FIRST before trying the glass without. The reason is that glass without the Badge will, at this point, taste harsher and can overpower the one glass that's matured if tasted first.

Elevie Rooftop


Why is a piece of silicone so expensive?

Silicone is not expensive, but the material that's mixed into it is. This proprietary material is rare and very expensive to create.

When will the order ship?

Orders ship next business day.

How does free shipping and return work?

Shipping within the contiguous U.S. via USPS First-Class Mail (3~4 days) is free. If you would like to return the item for a full refund, please email returns@elevie.com within 14 days of receipt for a return shipping label. We kindly request that you send the item back in its original packaging.

Where can I find Elevie?

While the focus will always be on providing access to Elevie for as many as possible, it’s the little things like seeing people walk up to our display and pick out a Badge that gets to us. Please be patient as we work on bringing Elevie to local stores near you. See map below for stores that currently carry Elevie.


Bowery Kitchen Supplies (Chelsea, Manhattan)
Kitchen Plus More (LIC, Queens)
Lockwood (Astoria, Queens)
Pier Wines (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)